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MESIT foundry formerly FIMES, a.s. was established at the beginning of 1993. The company is located in Uherské Hradiště about 1 hour drive from Brno

MESIT foundry has been benefiting from more than 60 years of experience in the production of aluminium investment castings manufactured by “lost wax” method and from over 50 years old history in production moulds for various applications including internal needs.

MESIT foundry machining shop is equipped with 5 axis machining centres allowing to MESIT foundry supply complete castings machined per customer requirements.

Individual castings.  The quality management system have been certified according EN AS 9100 since 2009.  Quality Assurance complies also with the requirements of Military Standards of AMS-STD-2175 and AMS-A-21180.

For transfer of technical data the company utilizes the most of commonly used formats for 2D (*.DWG,*.DXF) and 3D (*.STP (Step), *.IGS (Iges) and *.X_T (Parasolid) drawing.  The information provided by e-mail is utilized in CAD/CAM software Unigraphics - NX2, used for modelling, drawings, and preparation of CNC programs.  The same software is used in the preparation of quotes, design, and production of tooling, prototypes and serial production of castings.

The weights of produced castings are within the range of 10 g to 10 kg with the maximum dimensions 600x450x450 mm. Company is able to supply the production batches of 10 to 2 000 pieces. The lead times are 10 -16 weeks, depending on the complexity of castings, however, the company has the ability of rapid prototyping, if requested by the customer, which shortens the process significantly.

The subsequent processing of raw castings uses the following technologies:

  • Surface treatment of castings by blasting (glass beads, corundum, blasting grit)

  • Heat treatment of castings T6

  • Mechanical straightening (calibration)

  • Machining on CNC centers

  • Anodising and painting

The final castings are delivered to the QC department after cleaning, calibration, heat treatment, and surface treatment.

The plant is equipped with a variety of testing facilities enabling a chemical analysis of melt, checking mechanical properties like:

Strength, Elongation, and Hardness, performing the Radiographic and Penetration tests and ensuring compliance to the drawing with the computerized dimensional XYZ 3D highly accurate measuring system.

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